Facebook's new feature: Messenger Rooms

Published Jul 22, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Facebook has launched it's latest addition feature to the social network services called 'Messenger Rooms'.video conferences have become essential during the pandemic with

Messenger Rooms is a video conferencing application, that is easy to use for getting everyone together. The feature can be found in the Facebook app, Facebook Messenger app and soon from Instagram and Whatsapp.

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Starting a room is simple with a link provided to share with up to 50 people to join the room for as long as you want with absolutely no time limits and no sign-ins or profiles required.

Newly created rooms are automatically open which means anyone can be joined through Facebook newsfeed, group and soon through the Messenger app but don't worry as each room comes with many control settings which allow room creators to control who's in and who's out along with preference adjustments and a locking feature preventing others from joining.

Messenger Rooms comes as a desktop app too, making it easier for larger-scale rooms with up to 50 participants, otherwise this feature is perfect for social hangouts with themes such as 'Happy Hour' or just simply 'Hanging Out' along with other choices, the app also comes with AR filters - features found on Snapchat and Instagram that overlays special effects on live cameras.

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Despite many competitors, Messenger Rooms has hit the ground running with further development and expansion on the cards making this a useful way of keeping in touch with friends and family from the safety of your own home.

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