Picture: Josh Willink/Pexels

Raising children is a time consuming and onerous task in itself and trying to add exercise to the mix may seem impossible, but it may be easier than you think, it’s just about thinking of things differently.” 

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So, fill those water bottles, pack some snacks and fasten your running shoes with these six ways to exercise with your child from Mary Mutlanyane, Momentum wellness ambassador.

Use the jungle gym

The bottom rungs of the jungle gym, in a safe park, can be used for sit-ups or push-ups. Pushing your child on the swing is also great exercise, and you can lean against the side of the slide to do squats, while pushing your child. Pull-ups on rungs if there are any, and using the park bench for balance during leg raises are all great option.

Go to the gym

Many gyms now offer safe and fun childcare while you do your workout. You can also get points from your medical aid scheme.

Run a race

If your children are slightly older, do a race together. The 2018 Pick n Pay Marathon* presented by Momentum, in February 2018 offers a 4km race that is the perfect distance for youngsters and you can walk it too.

Baby and momma yoga

More yoga studios are offering classes that you and your child can do together. It is a great way to stretch, relax and spend quality time with your little one.

Soccer or netball for them, a run for you

While your kids are practicing or playing a match, rally the other moms and dads together and go for a jog around the field or court. This weekly workout is a great way to burn some calories, let your fitness tracker notch up some points and you don’t have to sit on the sideline feeling slightly bored.


Pop your fitness tracker on and play ball with your child, walk the dog and enjoy each other’s company – while you rack up the points.

Exercising with children isn’t easy, but by incorporating them into your routine, both you and them can have a lot of fun.