He's young, he's hot and his looks alone could heal you! Picture: Instagram
Who says doctors are serious and can't let their hair down? This doctor is not only living his best life, he's also added "Sexiest Man" to his CV.

Fezile Mkhize, a 27-year-old medical doctor and presenter from Johannesburg, was crowned at the COSMO Sexy Men 2019.

He is a man of many hats, his a model and a presenter on SA’s biggest lifestyle TV programme, "Top Billing".

In a Cosmopolitan interview, Mkhize said  in between hospital work, working at the practice, and "Top Billing," I always make sure I give back to my body.
"Give it that one hour to exercise and a good diet.," he told the publication. "I always tell people, you kind of wake up average and you need to earn every day and look to your best that you can."

When it comes to medicine, Mkhize says, "work often humbles me. It can make me quite perturbed at times... But quitting isn’t on the table so the only option re-assess, work harder and be better."

His message: "It’s not always pretty; it’s not always smiles and sunshine... But it’ll be worth it- Keep Working!"