Food delivery app offers small restaurants a lifeline

Published May 23, 2020


CAPE TOWN- Fast-food restaurants have been permitted to deliver food since the beginning of this month, however some small restaurants with already thin profit margins have not been able to reopen due to costly app delivery fees.

South African app-based delivery service, Quench, has announced that it will offer delivery services to restaurants, butcheries and bakeries with a minimal activation fee and a 10% rebate charge.

The startup company was originally launched in Stellenbosch as an on-demand delivery service for alcoholic beverages. At the start of the national lockdown Quench altered its services to deliver groceries and other essential items.

Head of Restaurants at Quench, Matthew McCreedy, says the company wants to relieve some of the pressure on restaurants by cutting their fees compared to most food delivery apps which tend to charge hefty rebates of around 20% to 40%.

“Our service will allow many restaurants, butcheries and bakeries to re-open their kitchens so that their staff can once again earn an income and their loyal customers can have a taste of their favourite cuisine in the comfort of their own home.”

McCreedy says that pre-pandemic app-generated commissions were more manageable when it represented a smaller segment of a restaurant’s overall revenue. Now restaurants, butcheries and bakeries across the country have suffered a huge loss in revenue.

“We can’t sit by and watch as the hospitality industry dies a slow death,” he said.

The Quench deliveries are contactless, with drivers who are thoroughly trained and equipped with masks and gloves. The deliveries are in line with the Government’s safety guidelines.

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