Foot operated sanitiser dispenser to fight Covid-19

Published Apr 7, 2020


CAPE TOWN- Non-essential businesses in South Africa have not been able to operate since the Covid-19 lockdown began at midnight on the 26th of March. Those with an entrepreneurial edge have altered their resources and skills to create essential goods.

Fritz Warnich, general manager of a steel manufacturing company AM Laser in Stikland came up with the idea of a foot-operated hand sanitizer.

“I got the idea when I walked into shops or malls and saw that at the entrance everyone would gather around a person with a santiser, or you had to touch a bottle of sanitiser. I thought there must be an easier way that doesn’t involve your hands touching anything,” said Warnich.

The production line at AM Laser has changed to create the Steristand which is a hands-free mechanical device that enables users to sanitise their hands with a simple tap of their foot.

Warnich says that a foot operated device would be most effective in malls, shops, factories, places of business or at the front door or a person’s home.

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