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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Games to play over video calls

Published Mar 28, 2020


DURBAN - Day 2 of the 21 day National lockdown and life at home can get quite boring. You decide to video call friends and family but soon run out of things to say - If that's the case, then here are a few game ideas to play over video chat.

1. Charades

Two teams go head to head acting out words. They both divide an equal amount of cards between them (if you don’t have any charades cards, make up some words-get creative). Both teams have a chance to guess what word is on the card on hand.

The team with the highest points wins.


A classic family game where each round, participants get a card with a word on it. They then have to draw out whatever was on their card for their teammates to guess.

3.Call of Duty, Mobile edition

You can download the game from the app store for free (IOS and Android). A limit of five players per team is permitted. You then battle on different locations.

The first team to reach the score limit wins.

4.Never have I ever

The more players there are, the more interesting the game is. You can start by getting on a video call with about 4-6 friends. Each has a turn to say something that they have never done. Example: “Never have I ever touched a goat”. If anyone in the group did in fact touch a goat, then they have to acknowledge it by either taking a sip of something or plucking out one strand from their eyebrow, the rules are flexible and entirely up to your discretion.

5.Fruit and Veg

This a timeless classic and easy to play. All you need is a pen and page.

Participants draw columns on their page, each with a category (fruit, veg, car, places, names and movies). You draw out the 26 alphabets onto a page and each round someone has a chance to randomly pick an alphabet. Then, you set a time limit and begin filling in the categories with the chosen alphabet for that round. Example: If “A” was the chosen alphabet for the round, then you would write down: Car: Alfa romeo, Place: Amsterdam, Name: Amelia and so on.

If there are repetitions between players at the end of each round then the points are shared equally. If there are no repetitions, then players are awarded 20 points each item listed. After 26 alphabets are completed, tally the scores and award your winner.

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