A victim of a bogus cosmetic surgeon called for him to get a long jail term after he was found guilty of injecting women with fake Botox.(Pic: Ken Hively/Newscom)

A victim of a bogus cosmetic surgeon called for him to get a long jail term after he was found guilty of injecting women with fake Botox.

Ozan Melin, 42, left three women in severe pain and with long-lasting damage after using an ‘extremely dangerous’ substance on them.

Their faces swelled so badly they couldn’t see and one victim said she looked like Frankenstein’s monster.

Marcelle King, 62, had to be taken to A&E after going into anaphylactic shock following her treatment.

Carol Kingscott, 58, still has a dropped brow and Jozette Sheppard, 46, has been left with a permanent furrow in her face.

A court heard that Melin lied to the women about being medically trained in America and Turkey and acted recklessly by giving them injections.

He denied three charges of grievous bodily harm on the basis that the women had consented to the treatment. But a jury at Bournemouth Crown Court found him guilty of injuring King and Kingscott.

He was cleared of the same charge in relation to Sheppard because she could not be sure if Melin told her he was medically trained before she was treated.Speaking after the verdict, Kingscott said: ‘It’s a relief he has been found guilty. I will feel better when he gets a long time to serve in prison, I hope.

‘He’s a very clever conman. He completely fooled me and I like to think of myself as quite savvy. I only had the treatment because I was going through a divorce and wanted to boost my confidence but it ended up doing the complete opposite.

‘I’m annoyed I allowed myself to fall for it, but by the time alarm bells were ringing there was nothing I could do about it, he had a needle in my face. I feel such a fool but I’ve learnt to live with how my face looks now.’

King, a dog behaviourist from Poole, said she was left looking 50 years older after her botched treatment and when she complained to Melin he told her: ‘No pain, no gain.’

King said that after receiving Melin’s treatment she looked at her face in her car mirror and thought she looked like Frankenstein’s monster. She was told by investigators that the fake Botox contained beef gelatine. She said: ‘Everybody has Botox. I never thought of it as being a dangerous substance. I didn’t know there were people out there using anything else other than Botox.

‘At my age I should have realised but it never crossed my mind.’

The court heard that Sheppard, a beautician, and her friend Kingscott received treatment for their jowls and brows in 2011. King had arranged an appointment at a beautician’s home in Poole, Dorset, in 2013 and paid £400.

Melin, from Uxbridge, North-West London, will be sentenced next month.

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