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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Healthy habits to keep post Covid-19

Photo by August de Richelieu (Pexels)

Photo by August de Richelieu (Pexels)

Published Oct 28, 2020



Everybody's life has changed and new habits formed since the start of lockdown, but what are some of those habits that South African’s should hold onto going into the new normal?

Many have adopted a healthier lifestyle, eating well, spending more time with their families and new ways of keeping fit.


Here are three habits to keep post-lockdown:

Homemade meals

Fast foods, quick processed meals are easy options for busy people, however, national lockdown meant the closure of restaurants, takeaways and street food which meant everyone has been eating home-cooked meals.

Home-cooked meals allow you to have full control over the ingredients that goes into the dish and the calorie intake.


There is only so much Netflix one can watch before craving some outdoors. While gyms, offices and various indoor activities were closed, South African’s made use of the open space of walks in the park, along the beach or within their communities.

A daily walk of 30 minutes is a great habit to keep and there is plenty of research online about the benefits to being exposed to sunlight.


Lockdown meant staying at home to be safe and not being able to socialise with friends and family. This approach to fighting the spread of the coronavirus left many mentally and emotionally vulnerable.

While facing this vulnerability and juggling work and family commitments, people needed to prioritise their own wellbeing and make time for themselves.

Here are three ways on how to naturally increase your daily dose of dopamine:

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