Here’s why drive-ins are making a comeback in KZN

Published May 16, 2020


DURBAN - As many industries suffer a heavy knock due to the coronavirus, the entertainment industry in KZN can expect to see brand new players in the mix soon.

The organisers of Splashy Fen have announced that a new entertainment concept will allow


ans to enjoy live music, movies, comedy and more all from the safety of their cars.

After some deliberation, the organisers coined the name Parkflix.

“We are extremely excited to be launching Parkflix, in association with Splashy Fen, as well as working closely with the government to get the concept up and running as soon as we can,” said Stu Berry of Impi Concept Events.

“Right now there is a need for innovative and creative thinking in our industry and we’ve been working around the clock to create feasible new outlets for fans, artists and workers within the entertainment field,” he added.

Stemming from the need for better hygienic practices in society, Stu added that, “as a company, we have worked hard over the years to secure our place as the foremost live outdoor entertainment providers in KZN. This allows us to provide three separate venues to existing and new fans in order to meet everyone’s entertainment needs in the best way we possibly can under the current conditions.”

Hillcrest, Durban and Umhlanga are the three locations which have been designated. These venues have been evaluated for compliance with the safety regulations.

Up to 250 vehicles can be accommodated at each time (depending on the venue), with attendees entering in their cars and can tune in via their FM radio devices. In terms of safety, the shows will be on the big screen and people will not need to leave their cars.

“We have already met with the government and are all aligned in terms of this new potential offering. Together we are all very excited to launch this as a concept that meets all of the requirements and regulations pertaining to each of the lockdown levels being implemented,” says Berry.

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