How hairdressers should be preparing for reopening

Published Jun 8, 2020


CAPE TOWN -While lockdown regulations may be relaxing allowing for more economic activities to take place there are still some sectors, like the hairdresser and beauty parlours, that remain out of operation until the government gives the green light.

Already, hairdressers have tried to fight this by going to the courts, but that application too was unsuccessful.

Hair salons, nail bars and grooming companies make up a large number of people in the community who are reliant on this trade to provide for their families. The stress of not knowing when the business will be able to open again has many people struggling to provide food on the table.

This is a concern as most people in this industry have strong knowledge in this skill and will find it hard to find alternative work whilst waiting for the industry to come back on its feet again.

Devan Moonsamy, chief executive of The ICHAF Training Institute has advised of a few tips that can help these businesses prepare for reopening as they await approval.

- Have a plan of action for when the industry is allowed to operate again. Ensure that you have much more sanitising and social distancing in your workplace.

- Try to ensure you limit the number of people in for appointments in the day. In order to make up for not having a full salon try extending your trading hours if possible. This way you can see more people in the day ensuring you do not exceed the number that makes for appropriate social distancing in the day.

- Check-in on your staff and assure them that you do have a plan of action and perhaps start working out rosters so each staff members gets a chance to earn something when doors open again.

- Look at how you can accommodate your staff to ensure they have a chance to work and make a few shifts for salary at the end of the month.

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