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How to look professional on video calls

Video conference etiquette tips during lockdown

Video conference etiquette tips during lockdown

Published Mar 30, 2020


DURBAN - As more people will be working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, having a more professional looking video conference call is important.

Experts agree that taking extra time to get ready and set up before a video call goes a long way with head honchos. While technology allows us to work anywhere, working remotely 100% of the time is an adjustment for most people and this new arrangement might cause panic and pressure to appear put together during the call.

Although fashion doesn’t really exist when the world is on lockdown, psychologists recommend you get dressed for work rather than joining those video calls in your PJs. More than just keeping up appearances, it also helps to put your brain in work mode.

Here are five simple video conference etiquette tips:

Clothing- Wear appropriate clothing, no pj's, even if it's an old sweater just make sure it doesn't hint to last night's dinner; make sure your clothes are clean.

Clean background- Be mindful of what your colleagues can see behind you. An overflowing laundry basket doesn’t give the best impression.

Understand the technology- Mute your microphone if you aren’t talking. Don’t forget to turn it back on if you want to say something. If you’re unfamiliar with video calling, try practice calls to family and friends.

Posture- Sit forward in your seat when others are talking, rather than slumping on your sofa – it shows your co-workers that you’re engaged.

Good lighting-Make sure your room is well lit. Use natural light from windows or simply turn on the overhead light in the room to brighten up the conference.

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