How to retain good back posture while working from home

Published May 1, 2020


DURBAN - Working from home may bring some level of comfort, limiting your risks in contracting the Covid-19 virus, but not having a proper work desk or seating arrangement can leave you suffering from those terrible back pains.

Here are three ways to help retain good posture and relieve back pain while working from home: -

1) Use simple techniques to improve your posture.

Sit at a desk with the computer monitor or laptop elevated, so that it is placed at a neutral eye-level. This helps lessen the strain you put on your neck from looking at a screen that is lower than your eye-level. Keeping legs flat on the ground and avoid crossing your legs together helps improve your posture.

2) Do Yoga.

Simple yoga poses help stretch your back as well as align your spine into its correct position. There are online video tutorials on these poses as well as apps you can download from different app stores.

3) Perform simple back stretches to relieve any muscle tension you already feel.

Simple stretches can be performed while you are working at your desk to help relieve any back-muscle tension for only a few seconds. These stretches consist of: -

•Moving your head from one side to the other.

• Moving your head up and down.

• Shrugging your shoulders.

• Putting your hands behind your neck and moving your shoulder blades together.

• Clasping your fingers together, in front of you, and pushing your arms out.

• Clasping your fingers together, above your head, and stretching upwards.

• Bend forward, from the waist down while on your chair, and touch the floor.

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