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How to work from home effectively

Published Mar 26, 2020


With the country on lockdown and everybody instructed to stay at home, the world of work is changing drastically. With only essential workers allowed to commute to work some people have been requested to work from home. For many this is unfamiliar territory.

If you are asked to work from home during the pandemic, here are a few tips to help you get through the experience relatively unscathed ;

Set up a home office

Choose a quiet space, preferably in a room away from the rest of the family and their activities. Set up your laptop or computer, printer and charging station.

Create order

It is important to avoid clutter so that you can maintain focus and avoid frustration.

Keep only what you need in your workspace.

Get into work mode.

Keep to your routine as much as possible. Stay in work mode by getting up at your normal time and taking shower. Get dressed and avoid staying in pyjamas. Acting as if you are going into the office will help you get mentally prepared to work at optimum capacity.

Use apps to make up for distance

Communication is key to maintaining a steady workflow when working remotely. Use Google hangouts or Skype for video conferencing. Apps such as Google drive can be used to share files or work on collaborative projects.

Set targets

Keep track of your progress by setting deadlines. Deadlines will help you pace yourself and ensure that you are able to complete tasks in the required time.

Take breaks

Take breaks to help you remain focused and re-energise. Go outside and get some fresh so as to not feel bogged down.

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