How two Stellies students started the Uber of tutoring

Published Jul 30, 2020



Friends Luke Tollman and Elijah Greenhill took their lockdown struggles as university students and started UNLOCK, an all-inclusive student platform to ease the learning experience for other students during lockdown.

Launching off a tutoring base, UNLOCK also offers mentorship and has strict vetting criteria to become a tutor.

“As students, going into university makes up part of your university experience because there you have your lecturers, with specific times to classes and tutors. On top of that you also have your friends to chat with who you could ask for assistance,” said Tollman.

“And this is something we want to re-introduce, the element of not only having a tutor but having your friend, somebody who is also a student who understands that we are not in lectures anymore.

“UNLOCK ultimately is a celebration of students, whether it’s a graphic designer that can’t get work or physio that just wants to practice, that is what we want UNLOCK to be in the future.

“Not only do we want it to be a solution to youth unemployment, but also to give students a voice to be a contributing member to society other than just a student studying because most of us want to do more than just sit behind books and want to really showcase what we have to offer,” he said.

For students who are unable to afford tutoring fees, the duo is working on UNLOCK Gives Back programme whereby they will get lessons for free.

Visit their website for more information.

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