AP John Humphrys: Why I fear dementia

HE has spoken openly about losing his father to dementia.

And now John Humphrys has admitted he is terrified of ‘losing his marbles’. The 74-year-old also revealed that the single thing that would improve the quality of his life would be ‘more time’.

Asked what his greatest fear was, the Radio 4 presenter and Mastermind host told The Lady magazine: ‘Losing my marbles. There is nothing more sad than watching somebody you have known for years turning into another person when dementia begins to take hold.’

The broadcaster lost his father, George, to dementia in 2003 after he had battled the disease for years.

Following the ‘ghastly’ death, Humphrys called for the legalisation of euthanasia.

He said his father had tried to kill himself while he battled the disease but was revived and kept alive with drugs.

Writing for The Guardian in 2009, he said: ‘In his final home, he had the help he wanted from an enlightened doctor who allowed him to die. He told me: “He has turned his face to the wall and that is his right”.’

Humphrys, a father-of-three, added: ‘I hope that I have a doctor like him when my time comes and I hope that if I ask for help to end my life the law will allow it.’

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