Ladles of Love aims to make 4 million sandwiches

Published Aug 16, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Ladles of Love has met their 2 million mark for sandwiches made but with realising how easy it had become with so many more people involved, the organisation aims to double up with a total of 4 million sandwiches as their new target.

Ladles of Love is an NGO that aims to feed those in need and with the pandemic contributing even more pressure on those less fortunate, the organisation has grown tremendously with numerous successful initiatives feeding the hungry all around Cape Town.

Recently the organisation took to Facebook to announce a total of 2 million sandwiches has been made and distributed across the city and also thanks everyone that has been a part of their Covid-19 story in efforts to fight hunger.

Since 20 March, the NGO has managed to prepare, serve and distribute 289,913 hot meals and breakfast, 2,146,217 sandwiches, 248,304 boiled eggs and 541,617 kilograms of bulk produce and groceries while smashing a world record along with the way with 304,583 sandwiches made within an hour on Mandela Day. All of which equates to a total of 5,178,609 meals.

Ladles of Love is aiming to expand its reach beyond Cape Town and urges everyone to continue the support hoping to meet 4 million sandwiches part of the 'Sarmies Drive' on World Food Day (16 October). The NGO also aims to continue providing the much-needed food supplies saying "Our work can't stop now though - people are starving and getting more and more desperate out there. We cannot do this without your help, please keep the sarmies coming. You can also donate essential grocery items too - these are much needed right now."

Ladles of Love has also premiered a short film yesterday called 'Hunger Monster' focuses on the story of how a small act of kindness will make all the difference with the NGO asking for any type of donations.

Join the fight against hunger.

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