Local football coach launch virtual coaching series

Published Jun 3, 2020



While community sports codes continue to sit tight during the national lockdown, local football coach Zane Ryklief decided to share his knowledge in educating his colleagues by launching a virtual coaching series.

South Africa has recorded 35 812 Covid-19 infections and 755 deaths and despite the level 3 lockdown allowing professional sports teams to train behind closed doors, community and amateur sport did not get the green light as facilities remain closed.

“I started the sessions to basically share football education experiences and challenges in coaching, one of the biggest challenges as a coach during training is to have the right information to become a better coach

“It’s also a way of giving back to coaches that do not have access to the material which will help them progress in coaching,” said Ryklief.


Currently working as an assistant coach at Norway Parks Magic in the ABC Motsepe League and for the Football4all organisation, he added that the virtual series is about football education, experiences and real-life challenges.

Ryklief has gained experience working with some of South Africa’s top players like Nasief Morris, David Kannemeyer and George Dearnley, and wants to share this knowledge during a time when coaches are sitting idle at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The webinar has a small educational part and then a very interesting interactive part where the panel addresses questions from the audience and these questions from the audience comes straight off the training ground,” said Ryklief.

“I wanted to bring coaching education to people that are passionate about coaching but know the bare minimum and to encourage coaches to take pride in what they’re doing.

“The coronavirus has affected everybody in a way where we can't really be active, whether physically, mentally or socially so the series will help coaches brush up on their education in the game and it’s the perfect time to do it,” he said.

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