Lockdown Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Published Apr 9, 2020


DURBAN - Birthdays are special to most people but more so to the little ones that do not understand why they cannot go out and have fun like they are used to.

Many parents are finding new and exciting ways to entertain their children, especially trying to make their birthday special for them.

Here are some ways parents are attempting to make lockdown birthdays memorable for their children ;

1) McDonald’s Drive-Thru Simulator

A dad in London created a McDonald’s Drive-Thru simulator for his son’s birthday. He uploaded this simulator on YouTube so that parents worldwide are able to use it. Link Below


2) Virtual birthday party

Parents are getting creative with their little one’s birthdays. They are video calling their children’s friends and having them enjoy the confined festivities.

3) Homemade Restaurant

Since take-out and restaurants are closed, parents are cooking “fancy” meals are setting their dining tables in a“restaurant style” to help make their children feel as if they are able to leave their home.


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