Lockdown Bozza app expands with Shop-Safe feature

Published Aug 11, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Lockdown Bozza is a Proudly South African web app created to help South Africans keep up-to-date with the Covid-19 lockdown. It features threat levels and restrictions, it's in an easy to navigate user interface that has recently expanded its useful services.

Lockdown Bozza app offers a simple way in which to check up on various activities with users able to select around 50 different activities that provide information on current restrictions and regulations, if any, and specific to province and lockdown level.

The app, with over 1.5 million users, recently expanded with a feature called ShopSafe - powered by Lightstone and in partnership with Tracker, provides users with an indication of traffic levels within shopping centres with Co-Founder Emma Patel saying “we are hoping that with the introduction of this feature, South Africans will be able to choose to visit their local mall at a time when the volume of visitors is low, thereby preventing and limiting the number of people assembled within high-risk, enclosed areas”.

"This innovative online tool has been made possible by the information gathering techniques provided by a local data analytics company, which anonymizes and normalizes the geo-data they receive from a fleet of cars subscribed to a local Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) company, along with the amount of time these vehicles spend at shopping centres nationwide, in order to generate the information available on the “shop-safe” page," Lockdown Bozza said in a statement.

The feature also hopes to provide those at high-risks, such as those with underlying health conditions, with the opportunity to choose to visit spaces when they are least likely to come in contact with large numbers of people – enabling precautionary measures to be taken by the many groups of our population which are at higher risk of succumbing to the virus or developing serious complications from it.

Although the Lockdown Bozza can be used on all devices, the web app is recommended for mobile-use.

Visit the free-to-use web app.

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