Lockdown Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids

Published Apr 10, 2020


DURBAN - The national lockdown has been extended which means that children will be even more restless at home, especially during Easter. Here are a few ways to make their Easter egg hunts more exciting during lockdown ;

1) Easter Eggs prize Swop

Either use a point system or attach vouchers for prizes on the eggs. This method can range from getting your children out of doing chores for the day, watching their favourite movie, etc.

2) Glow in the dark eggs

Instead of having a standard Easter egg hunt during the day, have one at night with all the lights off. Create a themed hunt and assign your children egg colours, the difficulty of the hunt depends on the colour.

3) Colour coded capture the eggs

Decide which hunters will be in which teams and have each team hide their colour coded egg. Choose a hunter to guard your egg while the other teammates try to capture the opposing team’s egg.


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