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Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Lockdown : South Africans are bird spotting competitively

Published Apr 14, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Birdlasser is a bird logging app used to record sightings, share the experience with friends while seamlessly contributing to conservation causes.

The South African app with their lockdown challenge encourages users to find as many birds as they can from their own home with over 1200 South Africans taking part and scrambling to spot the most individual species from their gardens, balconies or windows.

Currently top of the leaderboard is a user with 232 species spotted so far.

The app also displays the latest unique species spotted as well as the most common logged species. Hadeda Ibis being the most commonly spotted bird with 1759 logged sightings and Eastern Long-Billed Lark being the latest unique species spotted.

The app has grown beyond Southern Africa and now has users in Europe, Australia and America all contributing towards the total of over 14 million birds sightings logged.

BirdLasser is currently the second biggest bird data collector and the only major engine that collects data with geo-located accuracy.

All data captured via the app is free to be accessed and shared with many conservation projects like BirdLife, the Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2 and many other bodies.


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