Memes that left South Africans in stitches in the past 50 days

Published May 15, 2020


DURBAN - South Africans are observing Day 50 of the national lockdown, in a safe and funny way. Many South Africans took to social media throughout the lockdown with fun challenges and hilarious memes to help pass the time.

Here are 20 memes that had South Africans in stitches during the 50 days of lockdown: -

1) Zol Song

2) No Kissing

3) Pallbearer’s Titanic Video

4) President Evil

5) Back to school

6) Zol minister running after zol song maker

7) Durban’s essential item

8) Lockdown Haircuts

9) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

10) Can’t see COVID-29

11) Lasizswe’s Back to school video

12) Vix meme

13) Missing Dishcloths

14) Day-care fares for Mother-in-law

15) Wash your hands

16) Alcohol Returns

17) Parents trying to get children to do their school work

18) Thing of the past

19) Does Mandela know?

20) UNO

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