Music enthusiasts raise funds to fight Covid-19

Published May 7, 2020


DURBAN - Production company SA Local Content has embarked on a musical project to inspire change and raise funds in order to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Together with ex Idols musical director Johan Laas and two time SAMA nominee for best album, Tima Reece, the team produced the song titled “time to change”.

Song writer and one of the project leaders, Kiren Thathiah said the song is part of projects they have completed over the past four years.

"We hadn't had many projects since I moved to New Zealand and then to China but on my return to SA, we thought it was necessary to do a song on the pandemic," said Thathiah

Thathiah also mentioned that the company was not driven by profit, which is why the proceeds will be donated to the solidarity fund. “We are not driven by commercialism or profit but by a genuine love for music and the belief that communities are the building blocks of this country and that we need to regain our dignity,” he said.

“100% of the proceeds (Itunes and Spotify for now) for 2020 will go to the solidarity fund and other initiatives to support individuals and communities stricken by the covid-19 pandemic.”

Thathiah says the aim of this project was fairly simple. “To compose and produce a high quality original song that gave people hope but also challenged us to change. The pandemic should force us to reset our lives and relook at what is really important,”

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