Mzansi Tourism Champions unite tourism sector

Published Jul 3, 2020



The tourism industry was dealt a major blow with the global Covid-19 pandemic as tour operators and freelance tour guides all felt the pinch.

Heinie Bosman, the co-founder of Mzansi Tourism Champions, created an online platform catered to the needs of those working in the industry in aid of bringing immediate support and relief.

“The website matches people in need with people who can help. It’s very much a platform of ‘asks’ and ‘answers’. We hope that by building a network of people who can offer skills, advice and monetary donations that we’ll all be able to weather the storm," said Bosman.

“Through an honest, supportive and constructive platform, we aim to unify current efforts.

“We want to bring various parties together to facilitate the distribution of donations, especially to those who are struggling to access relief funds and schemes," he said.

With their main focus on a strong collective structure to connect people, individuals from freelance guides, agents, operators and business owners can register and offer assistance in the form of financial support or skills transfer.

Find more information on their website.

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