New App Shows How Busy Shopping Centres Are

Published May 30, 2020


CAPE TOWN - With the recent reports on the surge in transmission likely taking place in malls and supermarkets, a new app showing how congested shopping centres may prove to be vital during the current times.

Lightstone and Tracker have launched the app called ‘Shop-Safe’ which analyses anonymous location data in order to keep South African consumers safe by informing them on the current level of density at various shopping centres throughout the country.

The app uses the geolocation of users to identify the closest shopping centres withing their vicinity to then provide information on density levels to help users find a timeless busy.

The map can also be manually navigated allowing users to look at around 1,300 shopping centres across South Africa and their individual data.

Although data isn’t shown live, the weekly updated information still proves to be useful with capturing patterns unique to each shopping centre in the form of a bar graph presenting the data per hour.

Shop-Safe app will help you beat the long queues and provide you with an indication of the safest time to shop.

The web app can be viewed here:

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