New website to help pupils with free online learning

Published Jul 3, 2020


DURBAN – As the anxiety surrounding the reopening of schools increases along with the Covid-19 infection rate in the country there has been an upsurge in online learning sites to help students gain access to their study material while learning from home

A new free-to-use educational website, Teachist provides a platform for all learners with educational material as well as free online tutoring on a range of subjects. This website was created by Vuyo and Edward Nkadimeng. The website is available to students in Mpumalanga and surrounding communities. Extra learning material is also provided on the website for students that are struggling to grasp certain subjects.

Teachist is also designed to help students with subjects that are not part of the normal school curriculum, e.g. robotics programming. Students are required to have Zoom in order to participate in live lessons or chats with the tutors. If a student misses a lesson, the lesson videos and study material are uploaded onto the Teachist website and the videos available to be viewed on their YouTube at any time.

The tutors at Teachist are experienced. Some of them have already obtained their Master and Bachelor-level teaching degrees or are actively pursuing them at South African institutions. Teachist is currently in negotiating with the Mpumalanga Department of Basic Education, a way to provide students with access resources at no cost to them.

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