NPO broke sandwich making world record to feed 300 000 people

Published Jul 22, 2020



Ladles of Love Non-profit Organisation (NPO) broke the world record for making the most sandwiches in an hour to feed over 300 000 people.

The organisation aimed to make 125 000 sandwiches but ended up making 304 583 sandwiches which exceeded the South African record by 18 000 and the world record by 68 000.

“This feat was no easy task, in just a couple of days we pulled together a network and team that brought this concept to life,” said Danny Diliberto, founder of Ladles of Love.

“This attempt wasn’t just about breaking the record, our aim is to change the Covid-19 story and demonstrate the true spirit of Ubuntu and continue feeding the hungry.

“It was far beyond what we expected, the generosity of Capetonians demonstrated here is overwhelming,” he said.

(The record has not yet officially been verified by the Guinness World Records)

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