Procrastination harms your heart

By Daily Mail Time of article published Apr 10, 2015

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New York – If you’re always trying to avoid making tricky decisions, beware – it could be the death of you.

People who procrastinate are more likely to suffer heart disease than those who make their minds up quickly, a study claims.

This is because they become more stressed when they finally have to make a judgment, putting their hearts under added strain.

The Canadian researchers asked 980 people to fill out an anonymous online survey then split them into two groups – those with heart disease and hypertension, and those without.

Those in the first group were most likely to agree with statements such as: ‘I am continually saying I’ll do it tomorrow.’

The researchers at Bishop’s University in Quebec said the findings show ‘the importance of identifying individuals with (heart problems) who chronically procrastinate’.

Science writer Natalie Shoemaker wrote on US website Big Think: ‘It’s stressful to put off work or chores – almost like there’s a weight on your chest.’

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