Project Orange donates 4 million oranges to poor communities

Published Jul 27, 2020


CAPE TOWN - Project Orange is an initiative that provides much-needed vitamin c by supplementing food parcels with oranges with a most recent donation of 4 million oranges.

Project Orange is an initiative run by Ruben Richards Foundation (RRF) and aims to provide essential vitamins for those in need in the form of oranges with a goal to boost the immune systems of the most vulnerable by donating up to 3 million oranges per month for a total of seven months.

RFF said, "Medical experts and nutritionists recommend a daily VITAMIN C intake of 90 milligrams for men and 75 milligrams for non-pregnant women, in order to boost the immune system. An average (medium) orange contains 70 milligrams of nature-fresh Vitamin C."

"An orange a day provides the recommended Vitamin C intake necessary to boost the immune system at this critical time of a global pandemic."

RFF has facilitated a donation of over 19 million oranges over the allocated time span enabling Project Orange to feed around 100 000 vulnerable people per day for seven months starting in May 2020.

The initiative took part in commemorating Nelson Mandela by donating 67 000 oranges on Mandela Day along with celebrating their 4 millionth orange donated.

Project Orange asks for all and any donations helping them meet their goal of 19 million oranges donated nation-wide with even a 50c contribution to sponsor a single orange goes a long way.

For more information visit: Project Orange Facebook Page

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