Restaurants offer solution for sit-down alcohol consumption

Published Jul 8, 2020



Restaurants reopened after closing their doors three months ago due to the national lockdown, and have proposed a solution to allow alcohol consumption for sit-down customers.

The ban of alcohol sales for sit-down customers at restaurants and bars has not been lifted as yet and the Restaurant Collective (RIC) said many owners are unable to turn in profits and pay off their debts due to the lockdown.

“We ask that sit-down dining establishments that already have ‘On Consumption’ liquor licenses be allowed to serve alcohol – with reasonable regulations,” said the RIC.

“To stimulate the sector and save jobs and entrepreneurial businesses, we need to enable these establishments to make a profit once again in a flagging economy.

“Restricting the sale of alcohol will only further hamper the success of these small businesses.”

They added that high hygiene standards have always been a part of the restaurant sector and that physical distancing is being practised.

“There are no countries in the world that have opened sit-down restaurants without alcohol. Eating out for many is time out,” said the RIC.

“Where people want to catch up, spoil themselves and enjoy an eating experience that is not possible to have at home.

“Part of going out to a restaurant to eat is the entire consumer experience and alcohol plays an integral part in that experience.”

The RIC offered these guidelines as part of their solution:

Alcoholic beverages to be sold between 12h30 and 21h00 only with meals

No drinks to be served after the meal

No loud music and dancing

Beer and wine sales only

No standing allowed and bar counters to be off-limits

No alcohol promotions/special events/offers

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