Sleep deprivation has a number of adverse health effects Picture: junpinzon

Men who stay up late at night could end up with lower testosterone from missing out on sleep.

A study found that for every hour of sleep lost below the average 6.9 hours leads to a 1.5 % fall in the levels of the hormone. Researchers led by the University of Miami looked at the average sleep of almost 2,300 men, which ranged from two to 12 hours a night.

Despite the recorded falls, testosterone levels stayed within the normal range. The study also found a higher body mass and alcohol consumption drove down readings. Sleep may cut testosterone by disrupting brain signals that control the sex hormone.

The study, presented at the meeting in Denver, states that ‘sleep quality’ should be taken into account when studying falling levels, which can lead to loss of sex drive, depression and fatigue.

Professor Darren Griffin, president of the International Chromosome and Genome Society, said: ‘This perhaps should come as no surprise.

‘Sleep deprivation has a number of adverse health effects and we all know how badly we function when we’ve not had a good night’s sleep.’

Daily Mail