Solutions for professional work-spaces post lockdown

Published Jul 6, 2020


DURBAN - In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the design of a workspace is essential to the wellbeing and ability of your employees to be productive.

Having a space that is built specifically to operationalise a company’s ethos and incorporate remote working is essential going forward. Space needs to be dedicated and technology installed that makes virtual conferencing easy, provides a safe work area and facilitates collaborative spaces for co-workers to share ideas will aid sustainability.

Raghmah Solomon, CEO at Vortex Design Solutions, an interior design company said: “We need to view the Covid-19 regulations as a chance to shift the design of our workspace to bring companies into the future with healthier and happier employees,”

“Clever interiors should always support the wellbeing of their inhabitants and clever designers will make the necessary adjustments without compromising on aesthetics or budget.”

According to Solomon, the following are essential solutions for professional work-spaces post lockdown:

Controlling movement:

Removing tired communal seating areas from waiting rooms and replacing them with an appointment only system, enhancing cleaning and safety measures and adding design elements to create barriers are all ways to control the movement of people in a space.

Greenery for screening

: Greenery in the office is not only on-trend internationally but can create screening through a workspace without a feeling of separation and goes a long way to offsetting those unfriendly Perspex screens.

From handwashing to social distancing:

Wet stations with sinks to make washing hands easy for staff and innovative aesthetically pleasing alternatives to floor decals, as well as reassessing planning and layout to accommodate the new social distancing rules, are all practical ways to shift your space.

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