South Africa to help with scientific analysis of Madagascan 'cure'

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Published May 11, 2020


CAPE TOWN - South Africa will be stepping up to assist Madagascar with the scientific analysis of its controversial Covid-19 ‘cure’.

Last week, #MadagascarCure trended on Twitter. This was due to a social media

was splitover the alleged cure with some calling on the government to order it while others questioned validity.

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize recently took Twitter announcing that the country would be helping Madagascar test it.

The alleged cure, branded as Covid-Organic, is a herbal remedy claiming to cure and prevent Covid-19. The remedy is developed by the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA).

The plant used in the mixture is Wormwood, the scientific name being Artemisia, with around 400 various species found throughout the world.

The extract had been handed out on the streets to the public of Madagascar free of charge and made compulsory for all children returning to school.

Madagascar's President Andry Rajoelina said the herbal remedy has been tested. However; the World Health Organisation (WHO) maintains that there is still no cure for Covid-19. WHO has instead cautioned people about using herbal remedies until evidence scientifically proves that there is a cure.

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