SPAR joins the fight against GBV

Published Aug 7, 2020


CAPE TOWN - As lockdown continues, the gender-based violence has persisted and increased leaving many victims vulnerable to abuse with SPAR identifying the increase in gender-based violence forming their own campaign with Women's Day approaching.

Reports have found a surge in gender-based violence cases since the beginning of national lockdown beginning as soon as level 5 lockdown and increasing throughout with 120 000 victims calling helplines within 3 weeks.

On the campaign website page, the company says, "SPAR recognises that the time for passive involvement is over, and the only viable remedy is to take meaningful action. As a responsible corporate citizen of Southern Africa, we are playing an active role in the fight to END Gender Based Violence."

SPAR has partnered up with LifeLine to provide a 24-hour helpline service to victims in need of assistance and support for all forms of sexual, physical and psychological abuse.

"We are passionate about the communities we serve and have partnered with LifeLine to offer real change and support in people’s lives. We pride ourselves on living our values of family, entrepreneurship and passion, and vow to use the strength of our voice as a platform for action against Gender Based Violence." the company said.

The campaign reaches across the country in around 900 SPAR stores with further awareness on radio and social media platforms to spread the 'END GBV' message and provide direct lines for professional support.

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