Tafta residents uneasy over strict lockdown regulations

Published Jul 2, 2020


DURBAN - Residents of an old aged home in Durban are outraged and concerned after two facilities were forced into lockdown. The Association For the Aged (Tafta) put two of its homes, Langeler Towers and John Conradie House complex, under strict lockdown as a second person was diagnosed with Covid-19.

Residents have been informed by Tafta management to stay in their rooms until July 14. Residents were warned that if they did not abide by the rules, they would have to seek alternative accommodation. However, some residents are concerned about keeping their doctors’ appointments and fetching their chronic medication.

Residents who spoke to IOL, stated that they fear they are being victimised by Tafta management and have concerns about not being completely informed about the Covid-19 situation at the homes. Some residents were even considering their legal options.

After the second case of Covid-19 was conformed at Tafta, management met with residents on Tuesday, June 23, where they were informed about the situation and the decision to lockdown the homes which were advised by visiting Department of Health officials.

Femada Shamam Tafta CEO said: “Elders were provided with an opportunity to ask questions and were also provided with a written letter explaining what was discussed in the meeting and were given a grace period until the morning of 25 May 2020 when the facility would stop all movement into, and out of the home for the foreseeable future in order to contain the spread of the virus. This ruling included residents who are currently working.”

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