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Monday, December 11, 2023

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The homeschooling process - how it works

Published May 9, 2020


DURBAN - If you are one of those parents that feel it is time to part ways with the conventional schooling system, then this is for you. In this article we look at the process of getting your child into the homeschooling system.

The process:

Find out about the different institutions in your area that offer these services. You will need to transfer for your child out of their old school in order to receive a transfer card.

The next step is decided whether or not you will be tutoring your child by yourself (granted you have enough time to do so). If you do not have the time but still want to take the path of homeschooling, you will need to get in touch with a tutor house.

N.B: Get in touch with tutor houses close to your home and find out if they have a place for your child. The size of the classes are quite small and usually go up to a maximum of ten kids per class, this is because of the one-on-one attention they receive.

Once you have found a place for your child in a tutor house of preference, you will then need to register your child with your chosen institution. The two ways in which you can complete your Matric is with the public school system or through the homeschooling system.

N.B: Upon registration, you will be asked if you are teaching your child personally or whether a tutor house will. If you are in fact teaching your child personally, you will need to purchase the facilitators textbook (shows you how to teach your child) as well as your child study textbooks. If you are willing to do some research, you will find second hand textbooks available for sale as well.

After registering your child, he or she will receive a registration number which is their form of identification.

Points to remember:

However tedious the process may seem at first, according to parents in the system, it is highly worth it.

There are options regarding textbooks (which are a big cost).

If you are using a tutor house, they will take care of all the assessments and uploading of results etc. They handle the administration part. However, should you choose to teach your child by yourself, you will need to do all of this.

The schooling day is much shorter than conventional school times.

The process of one-on-one attention is used often, which increases the child's academic performance.

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