Although Boity Thulo has launched a toning product, she says there is no magic tool to staying in shape. Picture: Instagram
Although Boity Thulo has launched a toning product, she says there is no magic tool to staying in shape. Picture: Instagram

The secret behind Boity’s toned body

By Viwe Ndongeni-Ntlebi Time of article published Dec 20, 2017

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Media personality and now entrepreneur Boity Thulo is best known for her dynamic body and her spirituality.

Recently she launched her new toning product, Boity Toning Solution, which she says has been in the pipeline for four years. Among other things, she says, the pill works as an appetite suppressant, “fastens metabolism” and suppresses sugar cravings.  She says she has been using the product for two years.

A few weeks ago the trained sangoma took to Twitter to share her understanding of spirituality and meditation, and how these can affect one’s holistic health.

We caught up with her about her new ventures, spirituality and health:

Where are you in your career?

I have taken a break from television presenting and hosting shows, and I’m focusing on entrepreneurship. I love being an entrepreneur and explore that space. I’m very happy with where I am. I get to make my own rules with my time and which direction to take. It’s been an interesting journey, stressful as it may be.

Tell us about your new toning pills.

It’s a weight loss supplement, it speeds up your metabolism and stops sugar cravings, a big enemy to many.

It’s 40 capsules in a pack, you take it five days a week, skipping Saturday and Sunday to avoid creating a dependency.

I believe you still have to allow your body to have its functionality so it does not become lazy.

Do you exercise with music? If so, what type?

Not really. I’m always in a gym environment there’s always music there, but I can do it with or without music.

When I used to work out at home I didn’t really play any music, I used my work-out sessions to reflect or meditate.

What’s your typical exercise routine?

Because I’m someone who really needs to work on their core, understanding my body type and my ultimate goal of how I want to look is important. I work on my core a lot because I value a flat stomach and abs as opposed to a big belly.

I don’t concentrate on making sure my legs are super tight. My main focus is my upper body, abs and arms.

I also do squats, because I don’t want to have a flat ass. The squats target multiple areas, they work the core and my bum, my legs and my hamstrings.They are the magic workout, because they cover most major areas at one go.

How do you keep fit all year?

I was in my best shape all year round this year. I allowed myself to gain a few kilos. I was my own case study for my product, so I needed a period for people to see that I gained a bit, and reused the product so people see that it works.

When it comes to fitness you can’t cheat getting fit, there are no short cuts or magic tools. I don’t have a recipe where I can say just drink this or that and you will be perfectly fine. It’s actually hard work all year long, because if you let go, your body gives in.

For me, fitness has become a lifestyle. I have fun with it and that’s what keeps me going.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I have a personal trainer, it makes my journey even easier. I tell my trainer how I want to look, this is what I want to maintain, and which part I want bigger or smaller. It’s almost like I give myself to them (personal trainers) and they do the work, even though I still need to do most of the work.

Having a personal trainer is like having someone who makes the supper easy by saying eat this, don’t eat that. It’s like having a gym partner pushing you and constantly telling you that we made a pact to keep you accountable, as opposed to being accountable to yourself.

How many hours do you spend at the gym?

It’s an hour per session and it adds up to four hours a week. Trust me, an hour is a long time at the gym.

I don’t like putting too much pressure on my body, you have to be patient, everything takes time.

Do you have a preference for a working out environment?

It actually depends on where my trainer wants us to train. I’m easy going, I will go wherever she says we must go for our session.

I don’t have a preference, I’m fully open to any environment. However, the gym is probably one of the best places, because it has all the equipment to accommodate all body parts.

What should people know when they start their fitness journey?

You need a goal when you go to the gym, such as getting toned, getting leaner or losing weight. You have to understand yourself and your body type to get to those goals. If you want to lose weight, run and do cardio. If you want to get toned, then you do. Know the outcome you want from your body. It’s crucial because if you don’t then you are working towards nothing.

How does your spirituality benefit your health?

It’s always been at the forefront of what I speak about - I always encourage people to pray, to meditate, to speak with whomever they feel makes them feel connected and calm. My spiritual health is my core, it’s who I am, and if that’s not in place, then I feel very confused

I feel like the glow is definitely coming from within.

What can we expect from you in the future?

More fitness and entrepreneurship. There is more to explore in that and I love it. I can’t wait for it myself.

It’s quite exciting.

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