These lockdown violations could see you pay a fine

Published Aug 4, 2020


CAPE TOWN - The pandemic has come with a new way of life with lockdown and all its restrictions put in place to protect everyone from the Covid-19 outbreak, however, with the easing of restrictions and the extent of the lockdown, many find it hard not to break the rules which may now lead to fines.

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was important to inform everyone on accurate information on the novel Coronavirus in order to prevent panic and create awareness to prepare the country for what it was soon to experience with the spread of fake news regarding Covid-19 leading to possible jail time.

As the entire country currently falls under level 3 lockdown regulations, there are many rules put in place that could see you pay guilt of admission fine issued by the SAPS for hosting a gathering - which is now considered illegal - or for the intentional misrepresentation of a person being infected for Covid-19. Although these may be seen as less serious crimes, the offences may still reflect on the perpetrator's criminal record but avoids the requirement of a court appearance, which in effect, alleviates the already strained court system.

Although the fines may differ according to the province, here's a list of admission of guilt fines and their amounts announced within a recent gazette to take place in KwaZulu-Natal.

Some offenses do not have the option of a fine payment such as:

- The sale of tobacco and tobacco products

- The sale and dispensing alcohol

- The prohibited transporting of alcohol

- Hindering, interfering or obstructing an enforcement officer during the course of their duties.

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