These skills can help with an income during Covid-19

Published Jun 30, 2020



The Covid-19 global pandemic has closed the doors for many businesses big and small resulting in job losses for some or salary cuts for others.

The pandemic also highlighted a lot of work that needs to be done in various sectors and communities and also forced everyone into a digital-first approach.

However, where there is a crisis, there’s also opportunity. Young entrepreneurs have excelled during the national lockdown period, opening up small businesses from selling masks, food delivery services and virtual classes.

If you have the skills or always wanted to learn a new skill, all’s not lost as these are some online opportunities that could bring you a new income:

Virtual Personal Assistant

A virtual personal assistant or secretary is not a new concept and is easier now more than any other time. Setting up meetings, answering and making calls, and doing administrative duties can all be done paperless from the comfort of your home.

Virtual Teaching

Parents have aired their concerns on social media and are not comfortable sending their children to school as the infection rate numbers continue to increase. Many are looking into homeschooling as they are too busy themselves to homeschool their own children.

While teachers are putting themselves in the frontline every day, those who are not keen on risking their lives have the opportunity to teach virtually.

Web / App Developer

With businesses having to improve their E-commerce systems, there is a bigger need for web and app developers. Developers have always been in demand, and with the current state, as companies step up, there are more opportunities for newbies to get in.

With a quick search, there are a number of free online training materials to get you started.

Stock Market

The stock market is a scary sector but it offers an opportunity for an extra income if you attain the necessary skills. The stock market is booming at the moment as thousands of new retail traders have signed up to take advantage of shares that have dropped due to national lockdown across the globe.

There are a number of free courseware online to help you get started in either Foreign Exchange currencies, Penny Stocks, Futures or Commodities.

Language Classes

Online language courses are at a high right now with people taking the opportunity to learn a new skill. If you speak multiple languages, there are online databases that you are able to sign up on and create a profile for teaching a language.

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