TikTok introduces family pairing feature for lockdown safety

Published Apr 24, 2020



During the national lockdown, families have turned to social media not only to stay connected to the outside world but also to be entertained and to find a distraction from the harsh reality that Covid-19 brings.

Chinese owned social media app TikTok, a short-form mobile video sharing platform has inspired creativity, it has helped educate and raise awareness of the coronavirus among the younger generation, and it’s become a place where the youth can openly creatively share their feelings.

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While families are embracing the platform, TikTok released an update to their app which allows for Family Pairing. This means parents can now customize the settings of the app to ensure the safety of their children’s experience online.


The Family safety Mode links a parent’s TikTok account to their teen’s account. Once the feature is enabled, parents can adjust screen time to control the time spent on TikTok.

There are direct messages limitations and it allows for Restrict Mode which restricts the appearance of content that is not appropriate for their children.

To enable the Family Pairing Feature, go to settings and into the Digital Wellbeing tab.

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