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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Tips for car owners during lockdown

Published May 6, 2020


CAPE TOWN - It is uncertain as to when the national lockdown will end due to Covid-19 which leaves cars parked in garages for long periods.

The longer your car is parked the more risk there is in causing damage to it. We've put together some tips to keep your car in good condition over the next few weeks :

Battery - The main concern for all car owners is a dead battery. To prevent this, drive your car every second week or start your car once a week and let the engine run for 20 minutes.

Tyres - Your tyres could develop flat spots due to the weight of the car, there will be a loss in tyre pressure and the rubber will degrade if the car does not move. Move your car backward and forwards once a week and take it for a drive every second week.

Petrol - Both petrol and diesel can degrade when left for long periods. The fuller the car is with petrol, the better as it prevents condensation from accumulating inside the tank.

Park wisely - Parking for a long period on surfaces like grass or dirt can cause rust as moisture can travel into the car's undercarriage. Also, parking under a tree that drips sap can damage the paint.

Use car cover - Consider using a car cover if your car is not parked in a closed garage to protect the paint and prevent rust for those living close to the ocean.

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