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Cures for a range of cancers are now in sight thanks to a revolution in immunotherapy treatments, experts said.

Within a decade we could be seeing patients cured of the disease with the help of drugs that use the body’s immune system to blast tumours, they said.

Lung, skin and kidney cancer are now treated with immunotherapy drugs, with remarkable results.

But an acceleration in research means far more patients with a greater range of cancer types could soon benefit, including those with brain, breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer.

Immunotherapy drugs have been shown to be twice as good as chemotherapy, with few of the side effects.

Professor Kevin Harrington, of the Institute of Cancer Research in London, told the BBC Today programme: ‘I think what we will see in the next decade and beyond is a whole new range of types of drugs coming to the party and that we will confidently be expected to cure more patients of their cancers.’

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