TV shows to binge watch on Netflix during lock-down

Image Source: Pexels

Image Source: Pexels

Published Mar 30, 2020



For those people at home, who are in fact abiding by the rules, it can be frustrating staring at the same four walls all day. Which is why we compiled a list of TV shows on Netflix that we think are ‘binge’ worthy ;


- At the top of our list is the critically acclaimed thriller/drama series ‘you’, which features the behavioural traits of a psychotic killer and his array of scorned lovers. With a mind boggling twist towards the end, we suggest this for those with a dark taste.


- Currently trending at the ‘#2 in South Africa Today’ spot, Ozark is a drama/thriller series that follows the life of a financial adviser that is in too deep with the wrong crowd and must do whatever he can to save his family.

Car Masters, Rust To Riches

- If you’re into cars and restoration projects this one’s for you. The show follows the lives of mechanics at ‘Gotham Garage’ who use the paperclip trading rule to turn rust buckets into show pieces and sell them for a profit or an even better ride. A must watch for car guys.

The Big Bang Theory

- A sitcom that follows the lives of four nerds who struggle to fit into society, arguably one of the best sitcoms on screen today. If you want something witty to keep the lock-down blues away, we highly recommend this.

When They See Us

- A short series that will definitely have you planted on the couch for all four episodes. The infamous ‘central park five’, a story of five young men that were wrongly convicted for the rape and murder of a women in Central Park, New York. Whilst serving their respective sentences, the five men are exonerated after the real culprit confesses the truth and nature behind the crime.

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