UCT app helps reduce queues at hair salons

Published Jul 8, 2020


Cape Town - UCT has recently released an app that assists beauty and hair salons to limit queueing as a response to the surge in customers.

Beauty and hair salons have recently reopened leading to a rush in customers causing long queues which is a concern for health and safety with the current rate of infection in the country.

The app, called Fleeker, has been founded by four UCT students in efforts to reduce queues and in effect reduce infections by providing a simple service that allows users to book appointments with multiple hair salons and beauty services such as nail and make-up salons.

Asonele Gevenga, UCT economics student and founder of the app said that the idea came about when he had been stuck in a queue at his barbershop when he thought of how he could improve the experience as a customer.

Fleeker requires stylists to sign up on the website and although there are no upfront costs, each booking done through the app will cost the business only 10%.

"Once stylists have signed up, the platform’s location-sharing functionality ensures that potential clients can select a therapist in close proximity to them. Fleeker currently lists a range of local businesses and more than 100 UCT students make use of their service" said in a UCT statement with students from outside UCT using the service too.

Many changes have been made to the operation of salons and beauty services with strict measures and protocols with long queues and frustrated customers potentially increasing pressure on assuring regulations are met.

The app ensures control of customers by allowing sufficient time between customers and eliminating crowded salons with Gevenga saying, “This means the stylist will have more control over the health and safety measures they have in place, like sanitising, because it’s a one-on-one service.”

Fleeker also provides features such as cashless payments and a way for stylists to track their monthly income, which makes financial planning and handling a lot easier.

“We’ve received such great feedback from our clients, as well as their clients, especially during this time. This has [reinforced] our commitment to ensure all stylists, big and small, have a fighting chance in the market and are able to connect with customers in an efficient way,” Gevenga said.

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