VIDEO : 5 Ways to stay entertained during lockdown

Published Apr 1, 2020


Here are 5 ways to keep yourself entertained during the lockdown:-

1) Create a virtual book club with your friends

Video chat, or group call your friends and family to discuss the various books that you have read recently. If there aren’t anything new books available then try out different sites that offer eBooks.

2) Explore tv shows in different languages

Tv shows on paid streaming services offer a wide range of tv shows and series in different languages from South Korean, Hindi, Afrikaans and more.

3) Try out different cooking and baking recipes

On social media, there are easy recipes to follow for you to create a dish you always desired. There are 5 minute recipes or longer, depending on how much time you want to spend on the dish.

4) Learn something new from a range of tutorials on YouTube

On YouTube there are quick, easy tutorials that you can access.

5) Discover Anime

Paid streaming services also offer a range of Anime in English dub or subtitled. Frequent anime lovers prefer subtitles as they believe that anime should be watched in its original language however for newbies the dubbed versions are easier to start of with.


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