Video: Golf RSA calls for the reopening of golf courses

Published Apr 27, 2020


DURBAN – The South African Golf Association has appealed for the government to allow golf courses to reopen during the next stages of lockdown.

The national lockdown brought forward to combat the Covid-19 pandemic has led to the cancellation of many sporting activities and events. With the government slowly re-introducing economic balance by relaxing lockdown measures the Golf association has seen this as an opportune time to plead with the government.

Golf RSA, a unified body of the South African Golf Association, submitted a proposal to Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa. In the submission, the association states that physical distancing can be achieved while playing the sport and that players would abide by lockdown regulations.

The association added that the reopening of golf courses would allow for casual workers and caddies to earn a living.

Golf RSA chief executive Grant Hepburn said: "It's easy to social distance in golf, and based on that, our presentation speaks to those factors, but obviously taking into account the economic impact of golf on the economy, it’s very big and very positive impact."

Golf RSA is planning to implement temperature testing. It also plans to disinfect of workspaces, common areas, people and equipment as well as limiting the number of people that can play per hole. Caddies and casual worker will monitor the physical distancing lengths between players.

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