VIDEO : Mask extender to alleviate pain for users

Published Apr 19, 2020


CAPE TOWN- Global coronavirus cases currently stand at over 2 million, and health care professionals are feeling the pressure.

Doctors and nurses work long hours with protective gear, including masks that they wear non-stop. These masks can leave healthcare workers with an irritation or bruises after a full day shift.

American Ken Lord came up with a mask extender design and posted it on Thingverse free for public use. Lord says in his profile that the design file has been downloaded 70 000 times.

The extenders are intended to hold the elastic straps of a surgical mask, relieving pressure on the ears.

South African based plastic production company PavTrust have started 3D printing these mask extenders to sell to companies who supply healthcare workers with masks.

Representative of the company Bertus Visser, says that the extenders are a simple and easy to use product that would assist healthcare workers across the country.

Visser plans to sell the extenders as an add-on to companies who provide facemasks to hospitals.

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