Video: Social media helps during the lockdown

Published Apr 22, 2020


DURBAN – Since the start of the national lockdown people have been using social media to help them bridge the gap between physical distancing and socialising. Here are the ways that social media helped us during the lockdown: -

1) Helps you connect with friends and family

During the lockdown, we are unable to physically check on those we care for. Social media has bridged that gap as well as brought people metaphorically closer than ever. Important dates such as birthdays are also celebrated using video calls, to help those living alone not feel lonely.

2) Outlet for boredom

Tiktok is one of the social media apps that is being used as a comedy outlet for boredom as well as a source of entertainment. People record and upload their one-minute videos online. They are also joining in on the fun of various social media challenges.

3) Keeps you informed

Social media can be more instant that news reports on tv or radio. It is accessible any time and anywhere.

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