Virtual hand sanitizer, the app that does nothing

Published Jul 6, 2020


DURBAN - All over the world, hand sanitizers sales have shot up since as the Coronavirus pandemic pushes people’s hygiene precautions into overdrive. Global demand for the product has skyrocketed with some stores putting a limit on how many bottles a customer can buy.

In an opportunistic yet entertaining way, LongCatlcedTea has developed the world’s first Virtual-Hand-Sanitizer, the app does nothing, but it has been a hit on Google Play store with over 50 thousand downloads thus far.

“It's useless but this app is getting viral. Actually this is uniqueness. Worst app but best developers. Keep it up but not on these things lol,” wrote Sauradeep Biswas.

Tech writers say it is amusing to see that Google Play has cleared an app that serves almost no purpose to justify its existence. However. the world of mobile apps is strange; there is an app that tells you when is the right time to take a pee break during a movie. Another is a game called Pimple Popper that lets you pop pimples digitally.

“It is infuriatingly opportunistic to make an app in times when we are losing our mind staying at home and spending more money on sanitizers (for good reason) than an unhealthy Happy Meal at McDonald’s. The app does nothing, literally nothing, but it is weirdly entertaining too,” said tech writer Nadeem Sarwar.

Wondering how the app works, all you have is a hand sanitizer bottle, and you tap on it anywhere to eject blue virtual hand sanitizer out of the nozzle, which makes a sound every time the liquid plops out.

“Sadly, there is no haptic feedback, something I sorely miss. Plus, there is a perpetual Facebook ad at the bottom that takes away some of the app’s aesthetic appeal.

Should you download the app? Go ahead, it’s your phone and internet connection. What’s the purpose of making it in the first place, only the developer knows,” said Sarwar.

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