Virtual quiz to raise funds for Cape horses

Published Jul 16, 2020


CAPE TOWN - The tough times the pandemic has left many organisations and foundations with a sudden impact as a greater need for assistance throughout the country rose drastically but in order to keep these initiatives going raising funds is now needing to be done in alternative ways.

Cart Horse Protection Association (CHPA) is an organisation with an aim to protect working cart horses by offering a wide range of services such as shelter for rescue horses, veterinary services as well as education to cart horse owners in the form of classes and cart repair workshops with the mission to contribute towards the upliftment of the carting community.

According to the association, the use of cart horses provides income for more than 6 000 people living in the Cape Flats but due to the current financial strain, the organisation and working cart horse owners are struggling as the association cannot host any live events in efforts to raise funds.

CHPA found an alternative, however in a much safer way by hosting a virtual quiz night with proceeds allowing the organisation "to provide clinic, patrol and call out response, veterinary and rehabilitation services to the working cart horses living on the Cape Flats and support, education and training to cart horse owners and drivers" said CHPA.

The quiz night will be held Friday (17 June 2020) 7pm - 8:30pm with a ticket for the entire family to join for R200.

Donations are also encouraged and welcomed.

For more information, visit Cape Horse Protection Association Facebook page or their website:

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